KVINT XO - Collection 6-10 Years Old

This unique "KVINT XO COLLECTION 6-10 YEAR OLD" comes in a fancy gift box with 4 x 50 mL bottles that include the most renowned drinks aged in oak barrels with long history on the market: “Tiras" ( 6 years), "Nistru" (8 years), "Doina" (9 years) and "Surprise" (10 years).

They all feature golden-amber color with developed and harmonious bouquet, which is characterized by a rich aroma with floral, vanilla, fruit tones and tarry nuances. This XO collection was created by the classical production process from the top-quality wine-distilled spirits (eaux-de-vie), matured in oak barrels. Blends of KVINT XO brandies include up to several dozens of wine-distilled spirits, made from the selected grapes of traditional European varieties, grown in the own vineyards of the TIRASPOL WINERY & DISTILLERY KVINT. During the 6-10 years aging period in oak barrels, KVINT spirits acquire rich aroma and mellow taste. The composition of spirits are chosen individually to emphasize pronounced floral, resinous, vanilla and enanthic nuances of the brandies. Nice "gift box" package may give the customers an option to buy this unique collection as a gift.

 Serving and Pairing :

Serve at room temperature 20-22°С in special glasses with the short stem and the bowl with wide bottom and tapering top.

The noble beverages go perfectly with lean meat, olives, cheese. 

Alcohol: 40% vol.

Category: XO

Capacity: 4 x 50 mL ( 200 mL)


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