Solaricco Fresco 2013

" Charming, fresh, tangy.    

This unique blend of Aligote, Pink Traminer and Viorica will impress you with value and charm. The aromas are delicate, crunchy white and yellow tree fruits, honey and spring blossoms are fresh and pretty. The palate follows suit with crisp fruit and citrus alongside honey, which trails on the finish. It is a solid offering, both pleasing and tangy.

Pair: mild Asian dishes, seafood, white meats and appetizers ".        by Daenna Van Mulligen,  Apr.04, 2016

Recommended Pairings : Mild Spicy Food, Eat your Greens, Seafood/Fish, White Meet, Sushi, Appetizers.

Specifications :

  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Bottle Capacity: 750ml
  • Category: White Dry
  • Grape Variety: Pink Traminer, Viorica, and Aligote
  • SKU: 882605

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Wholesale price 10.76
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Reviews for the Solaricco Fresco 2013


Excellent wine!!!!!

Michaela Morris-Westender

"...Aromatic with jasmine tea, apple blossom, pink grape fruit peel and candied rose petals yet dry and juicy, it packs personality for the price ".

Marc & Shilla Seal

Reminded us Albariño from our Galicia place. Nice dry, floral ,refreshing and crisp. Amazing with our seafood.

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